kids’ activity book for mn historical society

The Minnesota Historical Society hired me to create an activity/coloring book for kids, to attract families to the Then Now Wow exhibit. I designed, illustrated, and created activities. (I incorporated the History Hound, which was ...

skills for scouts

Kids practice tying knots, identifying trees, and learning other outdoors skills at an interactive exhibit, designed by Museology, at the North Star Museum of Boy Scouting and Girl Scouting. Graphic design for panels included creating some ...

Unique Stories from Waseca County

waseca county historical society exhibit

The Waseca County Historical Society‘s new permanent exhibit, created by Museology, contains dozens of fascinating stories. These are just a few samples out of the many panels I designed: title panel, former University of Minnesota agricultural ...

Then Central Now, 150th Anniversary photography project, title

historical photography banners

I designed 9 exterior banners, displayed to celebrate and humanize a big school with a 150-year history. Photos from the past (as far back as the late 1800s) and current-day compare science class, theater, football, basketball, home ec, and band.

river environment exhibit

The National Eagle Center and the Fish & Wildlife Service commissioned Museology to create this exhibit. I did the graphic design. Loved illustrating the dragonfly metamorphosis!

street lightpole banners

MN’s oldest high school turned 150! I created hand-drawn typography and used historical images of the school for the 5 double-sided banners. Charles Shultz, Amelia Earhart, YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim, and Philando Castile, among many ...

children’s book

What a thrill to illustrate and design a children’s book that is on display at the Grimm Farm Historic Site! I loved adding a sense of place and liveliness to the story, learning all about ...

xc tees

Cross-country team t-shirts with 3 back options: 100, 300 or 500 miles. Track Club Co printed them super-awesomely. (And thanks to them for the first 2 photos.)

historic tools, illustration

Also for the Grimm Farm Historic Site exhibit, I worked with Museology on the contents of this immigrant trunk. I laid out the pillow forms and illustrated the big tools (butter churn, ax, rake, hoe, ...

climate change group

READY & RESILIENT is a new initiative from Macalester College’s Environmental Studies department. As they grow, they will be promoting local solutions to extreme weather. I wanted to evoke weather, connectedness, and a bit of ...


Nothin’ wimpy about these mini-donuts or the entrepreneur who developed them. The message: spunky, chocolately, and definitely out-of-the ordinary. Business cards are 2½” x 2½”, about the size of a mini-donut. Orange tees were also ...

orchesta, logo & identity

Bloomington Symphony Orchestra wanted their new logo and corporate identity to communicate elegance. I based the vibrant palette off the rich and brilliant colors of orchestral instruments.  

orchestra, postcards & program

The first time I worked with Bloomington Symphony Orchestra, they knew they needed a new logo and identity system but weren’t ready to dive into that undertaking. So I made a simple logotype, and created ...

book layout

For Steve Solomon’s composting book I wanted to create a down-to-earth look that is as textured and tactile as real dirt. I designed the body of the book to have some breathing room and look ...


Bee-friendly gardens are important for the environment, and, though the pollinators figure it out without a sign, this label explains to your neighbors why you’re intentionally letting dandelions flower and encourages them learn about native ...


I was asked to create a mural as part of an elementary school library renovation; the only requirement was that it include a panda, which is the school’s mascot. In the past, the school had ...

panda tees

After creating the school library mural for Groveland, I was asked to design t-shirts and sweatshirts. At first, some decision-makers thought older students—particularly the boys—wouldn’t wear a tee with pandas. At my suggestion, we arranged ...

motion reel

Turn on the sound and enjoy a sampling of my motion design. You can see more by following the vimeo link at the end.


I love celebrating the seasons! Greeting cards and invitations I’ve created for fun occasions.


An article on money management in SCAN, alumae magazine from St. Catherine’s University. I did the mixed-media illustration work.


For this theatre project, I used a simple color palette and illustrated typography to convey the emotion and key icons of the story. Products included double-sided bookmarks, play program, poster, T-shirts, and tickets.