river environment exhibit

The National Eagle Center and the Fish & Wildlife Service commissioned Museology to create this exhibit. I did the graphic design. Loved illustrating the dragonfly metamorphosis!

banner with 2016 graduates

street lightpole banners

MN’s oldest high school turned 150! I created hand-drawn typography and used historical images of the school for the 5 double-sided banners. Charles Shultz, Amelia Earhart, YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim, and Philando Castile, among many ...


children’s book

What a thrill to illustrate and design a children’s book that is on display at the Grimm Farm Historic Site! I loved adding a sense of place and liveliness to the story, learning all about ...

XC tee 100 summer miles

xc tees

Cross-country team t-shirts with 3 back options: 100, 300 or 500 miles. Track Club Co printed them super-awesomely. (And thanks to them for the first 2 photos.)


historic tools, illustration

Also for the Grimm Farm Historic Site exhibit, I worked with Museology on the contents of this immigrant trunk. I laid out the pillow forms and illustrated the big tools (butter churn, ax, rake, hoe, ...


climate change group

READY & RESILIENT is a new initiative from Macalester College’s Environmental Studies department. As they grow, they will be promoting local solutions to extreme weather. I wanted to evoke weather, connectedness, and a bit of ...

Mighty Chocolate Mini-Donuts, business card detail


Nothin’ wimpy about these mini-donuts or the entrepreneur who developed them. The message: spunky, chocolately, and definitely out-of-the ordinary. Business cards are 2½” x 2½”, about the size of a mini-donut. Orange tees were also ...

Bloomington Symphony Orchestra logo

orchesta, logo & identity

Bloomington Symphony Orchestra wanted their new logo and corporate identity to communicate elegance. I based the vibrant palette off the rich and brilliant colors of orchestral instruments.  

Detail from Bloomington Symphony Orchestra's 2012 Fall Concert postcard

orchestra, postcards & program

The first time I worked with Bloomington Symphony Orchestra, they knew they needed a new logo and identity system but weren’t ready to dive into that undertaking. So I made a simple logotype, and created ...


book layout

For Steve Solomon’s composting book I wanted to create a down-to-earth look that is as textured and tactile as real dirt. I designed the body of the book to have some breathing room and look ...



Bee-friendly gardens are important for the environment, and, though the pollinators figure it out without a sign, this label explains to your neighbors why you’re intentionally letting dandelions flower and encourages them learn about native ...

"Welcome to the library bamboo forest!"


I was asked to create a mural as part of an elementary school library renovation; the only requirement was that it include a panda, which is the school’s mascot. In the past, the school had ...

This design was printed on gray, red and lime green t-shirts, in men's, women's and youth sizing.

panda tees

After creating the school library mural for Groveland, I was asked to design t-shirts and sweatshirts. At first, some decision-makers thought older students—particularly the boys—wouldn’t wear a tee with pandas. At my suggestion, we arranged ...

Motion Reel

motion reel

Turn on the sound and enjoy a sampling of my motion design. You can see more by following the vimeo link at the end.

Brace Yourself!


I love celebrating the seasons! Greeting cards and invitations I’ve created for fun occasions.



An article on money management in SCAN, alumae magazine from St. Catherine’s University. I did the mixed-media illustration work.



For this theatre project, I used a simple color palette and illustrated typography to convey the emotion and key icons of the story. Products included double-sided bookmarks, play program, poster, T-shirts, and tickets.