the big picture

I want everything to be beautiful and practical. I’m not one to decorate or unnecessarily fancy things up. I design to stir interest and facilitate comprehension. Good design is useable, accessible design.

background that informs me

I have a B.A. in anthropology from Bates College, where I learned to write well and recognize cultural patterns.

Art history studies at Bates College and Macalester College; illustration and graphic design education at Minneapolis College of Art & Design; business/marketing education at University of St. Thomas.

Before I began freelancing, I worked in communications roles at many non-profit organizations, and for-profit corporations, including my creative role as the video editor and writer of the original FISH! product line of motivational/training videos.

about my name

I know, it’s hard to spell and pronounce my full name, Katie Parke-Reimer—it sounds like Park-Rhymer (think of a poet at, say, Yosemite). To make me easier to find, my web address is katieparke. I’m the same person.