the big picture

Message, clarity, beauty. Those are the things that drive the way I design. I pay particular attention color, shape, and flow. I especially love developing color palettes.

In my work as a designer, it’s a real pleasure to help people bring their message to life clearly, boldly and beautifully!

background that informs me

I have a B.A. in anthropology from Bates College, where I learned to be analytical, and recognize cultural patterns and symbolism.

Art history studies at Bates College and Macalester College; illustration and graphic design education at Minneapolis College of Art & Design; business/marketing education at University of St. Thomas.

Before I began freelancing, I worked in communications roles at many non-profit organizations, and for-profit corporations, including my creative role as the video editor and writer of the original FISH! product line of motivational/training videos.

To some, education and past work experience is really, really important, which is why I list it. What’s more important and informative about my work, in my opinion, is my inclination to observe and listen deeply, and my dogged pursuit of creating beautiful, meaningful things.

about my name

I know, it’s hard to spell and pronounce my full name, Katie Parke-Reimer—it sounds like Park-Rhymer (think of a poet at Yosemite). To make me easier to find, my web address is katieparke. I’m the same person.